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Japanese Manga: The Perfect Gift for Any Otaku Fan

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Japanese Manga Girl

Manga, a Japanese word, means a comic book. When any person from Japan refers to manga, he or she is talking about any comic book from Japan that can be purchased from the myriad of otaku shops. Manga are cartoons that are drawn and also published on paper. Like all the stars in U.S such as Superman and also Spiderman, Japanese manga has its own stars. Manga covers quite a huge varieties of genres and also has its wings spread over to different audiences and also reaches a diverse continuum of ages. Manga plays a vital role in Japan’s publishing industry as it inspires adjustments to the different formats that are available, such as, the animated series (commonly known as anime), video games, movies, and also novels. The first comic Japanese book is considered to be Tagosaku to Mokube Tokyo Kenbutsu which dates back to the year 1902.

Where did the terminology “manga” come from? The term originated from the Japanese Hokusai Katsushika who was a member of Ukiyo-e. He combined the names “kanji” and “ma” which means informal (man) and drawing respectively. Literally, this translates to the word “Informal Drawing” or the word “Doodles.” To the Japanese, they refer to it as ‘Insignificant Images’. The reason for this reference is because the Japanese buy manga in very big volumes, a figure above 1 billion, but manga is printed on very cheap paper in black and white. As a side note, manga artist, is the name used to refer to a manga professional.

Manga in the country of Japan is quite a phenomenon for the huge masses. To point out just how this phenomenon is significant, there is a fact that proves this: 38% of the magazines and also books that were published in Japan in the year 1989 were only manga. Such statistics will capture your imagination to the fact that these Japanese comic books are not just like any other books, they are loved by the younger generation (of course) but even the older generation alike. In fact, manga is available to all the people, irrespective of their social status or age. They include such people as homemakers, teenagers, workers in offices and even the simple office clerks. There is also ‘hentai’, a name for erotic manga, which accounts for at least 25% of the total manga sales.

So where can one pick up the latest titles of manga? Here is one otaku store to start with. Of course going to your local library will provide a few older titles that can get you started on your journey to becoming a fanatic of this particular sub-culture of Japan. But don’t let that stop you. There are also many anime conventions (a.k.a. Animecon) held throughout the world almost every weekend. With many opportunities available, you are just one step away from entering the intriguing world of Japanese manga.

So what are you waiting for? Join me on this amazing voyage!