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TV Marketing: Fake Food in Commercials

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

Fake SaladFake Cola & Calpis

Have you always wondered why that burger in the TV commercials looks so tasty? Well, wonder no more. Those kinds of tasty and appetizing food are actually not food. They are nothing but just imitations of the food they represent. While real food can crumple in at the touch of your fork or forky fingers for that matter, the fakes can’t. If at all they just sink in and float up right back as soon as you relieve the pressure. Another characteristic is that they don’t perish that is why some vegetables from grocery store pictured on TV never wither even if the sun is blazing hot.

Faux plastic food or artificial foods as they are rightly referred to are models resembling food made from various types of malleable materials such as resins, wax, plastics and others. As common with fake things they come with a basketful of names. Thus, this fake item can also bear names such as simulated, replica, pretender, wax, sampuru, faux, imitation or false foods. These materials aka fakes are the mainstay of TV displays and commercials. They are used to decorate furniture and homesteads on sale that you see in furniture stores and other related stores catering to home interior goods.

The main reason why TV and film companies place their money behind the fake replicas is because they can cut their costs drastically when compared to employing the fragile and short-lived real thing. Which would you choose for your set? Real or fake? And why? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. And if you have any fake food favorites that have been used on TV previously, please be sure to mention this when you comment.