Looking to Sell Your Company in the UK? What’s the Next Move?

February 3rd, 2015

Firm Gains LogoWhen you have finally decided to sell your company, it is important to consider how the whole process can be done safely. In most cases, people opt for brokers since they are knowledgeable on the latest market trends and can also quickly lead you to a potential buyer. Once you have landed in the hands of a right business transfer agent such as with the professionals at Firm Gains in Aldermaston, chances are you will get the maximum price for your asset. On the contrary, an inexperienced broker will give you a hard time and chances are your business will lie dormant for a long period of time.

Sellers need to have a strategy in place if they are to successfully get help from the best brokers around in the UK. But how does one attract the services of these well-to-do outfits? First of all, a transfer sales agent needs to have some special attributes that will win the trust of the sellers and vice versa. For a good working experience to be had, priority #1 has to be the focus on the sale of the business without question. Brokers need to understand that sellers are simply looking for ‘seller brokers’ in order to get the maximum gains out of the business in question. Having affordable fees for one definitely will increase a broker’s options when it comes to handling clients.

In addition to affordable fees, a broker should also have a track record that is clean and void from all criminal offenses. A business selling broker should not hesitate to give a list of some of the previous clients that he or she has dealt with. Furthermore, a transfer agent should have zeal for his/her job and give the conviction to the seller. At some point, the sellers may ask many questions during the first encounter but the sole purpose of this is to gauge the broker’s strengths and weaknesses. Well, as most should know Rome was not built in one day, and this also applies to becoming a business selling broker. There is no way to promise heaven to a seller on the first encounter and claim to do the whole process alone. In fact, this will only increase the seller’s doubts. All a broker needs to do is simply involve some other professionals such as accountants and lawyers. Once other such experts are brought into the mix, it will bring a new lasting impression to the client that the agent values the job.

Noted above are just the bare essentials that a seller needs to be aware of before hiring any agency to assist with the sale of his/her company. For more resources on where to find trusted professionals and more like business value calculators, check out Firm Gains that is an advisory service I trust and have had much success with in recent past.

Japanese Manga: The Perfect Gift for Any Otaku Fan

June 20th, 2014

Japanese Manga Girl

Manga, a Japanese word, means a comic book. When any person from Japan refers to manga, he or she is talking about any comic book from Japan that can be purchased from the myriad of otaku shops. Manga are cartoons that are drawn and also published on paper. Like all the stars in U.S such as Superman and also Spiderman, Japanese manga has its own stars. Manga covers quite a huge varieties of genres and also has its wings spread over to different audiences and also reaches a diverse continuum of ages. Manga plays a vital role in Japan’s publishing industry as it inspires adjustments to the different formats that are available, such as, the animated series (commonly known as anime), video games, movies, and also novels. The first comic Japanese book is considered to be Tagosaku to Mokube Tokyo Kenbutsu which dates back to the year 1902.

Where did the terminology “manga” come from? The term originated from the Japanese Hokusai Katsushika who was a member of Ukiyo-e. He combined the names “kanji” and “ma” which means informal (man) and drawing respectively. Literally, this translates to the word “Informal Drawing” or the word “Doodles.” To the Japanese, they refer to it as ‘Insignificant Images’. The reason for this reference is because the Japanese buy manga in very big volumes, a figure above 1 billion, but manga is printed on very cheap paper in black and white. As a side note, manga artist, is the name used to refer to a manga professional.

Manga in the country of Japan is quite a phenomenon for the huge masses. To point out just how this phenomenon is significant, there is a fact that proves this: 38% of the magazines and also books that were published in Japan in the year 1989 were only manga. Such statistics will capture your imagination to the fact that these Japanese comic books are not just like any other books, they are loved by the younger generation (of course) but even the older generation alike. In fact, manga is available to all the people, irrespective of their social status or age. They include such people as homemakers, teenagers, workers in offices and even the simple office clerks. There is also ‘hentai’, a name for erotic manga, which accounts for at least 25% of the total manga sales.

So where can one pick up the latest titles of manga? Here is one otaku store to start with. Of course going to your local library will provide a few older titles that can get you started on your journey to becoming a fanatic of this particular sub-culture of Japan. But don’t let that stop you. There are also many anime conventions (a.k.a. Animecon) held throughout the world almost every weekend. With many opportunities available, you are just one step away from entering the intriguing world of Japanese manga.

So what are you waiting for? Join me on this amazing voyage!

Who was Shingen Takeda?

May 11th, 2014


Shingen Takeda was a very much revered leader during the Sengoku era of Japanese history. Shingen was tested early on as a young warlord when he engaged in fierce counter attacks against Terutora and Masatora of Echigo province. They engaged their armies five times in Kawanakajima, however none of the warlords though were willing to launch a full scale offensive on their opponent, thus most of these conflicts were carried out as controlled skirmishes. The most epic of the battles was the fourth one in which Shingen lost his brother. The battle was described as legendary because soldiers were said to clear the way through the enemy’s front line so that Shingen could engage in a face to face sword fight with Kenshin. The battle proved disastrous. The story is told of him ordering his cousin and young son to commit suicide after the defeat.

Following the harrowing defeat he pronounced his son Yoshinobu as his heir, however this never came to be. This is because his son opposed Shingen’s next move in attacking Saruga, where he had previously exiled his father to. The planned invasion went ahead following the mysterious death of his son, Yoshinobu. He succeeded in capturing the province and displacing the Imagawa clan in 1569. He then built a damn across Fuji River which gained him great popularity among his subjects. With renewed vigor, he led an army of over 30,000 men to conquer the Oda-Tokugawa alliance territories capturing the provinces of Totomi, Mino and Mikawa in 1572 in the process.

Shingen’s death came when he was about 49 years old, in 1573, under unclear circumstances. It is believed that he died of pneumonia at a camp in Mikawa province while pursuing Oda Nobunaga’s forces who were invading Japan then. However, some myths say he died of an old war wound while others believe he was assassinated by a sniper. His remains were placed inside of Erin Temple and his successor was his other son, Takeda Katyusori. His death was captured posthumously by the film “Kagemusha” directed by the famous Japanese movie director, Akira Kurosawa.

During his reign, Shingen Takeda managed to immortalize himself in Japan’s history by influencing many subsequent lords. This profound effect was felt through his unrivaled law, tax and administration systems. Despite his aggression towards enemies he is refuted for the fact that he was not as cruel compared to the other warlords of his time. He is remembered for his war slogan, “Wind, Fire, Forest, Mountain”. An art he learned from Sun Tzu, the master of war.

The legend of Shingen Takeda has been relived in a number of modern day films. These include “Heaven and Earth” and “Shingen the Ruler”. His life is further commemorated during the Takeda Shingen festival held every second weekend of April in Kofu (Japan). At the festival, which has been growing in popularity in recent times, there are a lot of Sengoku Japan merchandise put on display for purchase. For fans of Shingen Takeda, it is highly recommended to partake at the festival where you can experience the ruler like never before while being able to pick up some Sengoku period goodies at the same time.

TV Marketing: Fake Food in Commercials

April 29th, 2014

Fake SaladFake Cola & Calpis

Have you always wondered why that burger in the TV commercials looks so tasty? Well, wonder no more. Those kinds of tasty and appetizing food are actually not food. They are nothing but just imitations of the food they represent. While real food can crumple in at the touch of your fork or forky fingers for that matter, the fakes can’t. If at all they just sink in and float up right back as soon as you relieve the pressure. Another characteristic is that they don’t perish that is why some vegetables from grocery store pictured on TV never wither even if the sun is blazing hot.

Faux plastic food or artificial foods as they are rightly referred to are models resembling food made from various types of malleable materials such as resins, wax, plastics and others. As common with fake things they come with a basketful of names. Thus, this fake item can also bear names such as simulated, replica, pretender, wax, sampuru, faux, imitation or false foods. These materials aka fakes are the mainstay of TV displays and commercials. They are used to decorate furniture and homesteads on sale that you see in furniture stores and other related stores catering to home interior goods.

The main reason why TV and film companies place their money behind the fake replicas is because they can cut their costs drastically when compared to employing the fragile and short-lived real thing. Which would you choose for your set? Real or fake? And why? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. And if you have any fake food favorites that have been used on TV previously, please be sure to mention this when you comment.

Breaking Down the 2014 UEFA Champions League Semi-Final Pairings

April 21st, 2014

The 2014 UEFA Champions League is the 59th season of UEFA’s European premier league. The final will be held on the 24th of May 2014 at Estádio da Luz in Lisbon, Portugal. The winners of the final are scheduled to play the winners of UEFA Europa League and enter 2014 FIFA World Cup as the UEFA representative.

The semi-finals of the Champions League are on going. One of the pairs will see Chelsea facing Atletico Madrid while the other pits Real Madrid against Bayern Munich, the champions of last season’s epic tournament. There is a possibility that the 2012 final between Bayern Munich and Chelsea FC will be repeated. Both clubs have had their managers replaced and surprisingly both have a history in the Spain’s La Liga – Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola for Bayern Munich. Interestingly Mourinho will be pitched against his former team.

The schedule will be as follows:

UEFA Champions League Draws

It is important to understand the League before knowing the current state. The league has three qualifying rounds: play-off, group stage, and four knock out rounds.

The tournament kicks off in the fall of the previous year and lasts until the end of May every year. As I mentioned earlier, Bayern Munich has won the last two Champions League tournaments and is looking to “3-peat” but before the team can focus on the finals, it has to prepare for a battle against a formidable opponent in Real Madrid and their superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

Stay tuned over the next week as it is looking to be an exciting time for soccer fans spanning the world over. Who do you think will come out on top and carry their team to the finals? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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